• Is it possible to swim in the lake?

    Yes, the lake is great for swimming. There are no currents or jellyfish. And only waves if it is very windy.

    Because it is a lake with changing surface levels, the shore constantly changes. This means that many places along the shore are very soft, so it is a good idea to search out a good and firm place for getting in and out of the water. And once you are in, it is great for swimming.

    Swimming shoes can be a good idea, as there may be stones.

  • Are there mosquitos because of the lake?

    No. The lake is a bit salty, so mosquitos cannot breed there.

    Just like anywhere else there are mosquitos here, but not more than elsewhere.

    The apartments are equipped with an electric mosquito device that keeps the apartment free of mosquito at nights.

    It can even be used outside on the terrace in the evening.

  • Is it possible to arrive with public transport?

    No. It is necessary to have your own means of transportation during your stay. You will not only need it for arriving, but also for shopping, going to restaurants, going on excursions and in case you need to see a doctor or go to a pharmacy.

    We recommend you to rent a car in Malaga airport, e.g. by HelleHollis Car Rentals

  • How is the wifi?

    We have a high-speed Starlink internet connection, which our guests are very happy with. Since it is shared with the other guests we can, however, not guarantee that e.g. online meetings and streaming run without interruptions, although they generally run fine.

    There is wifi coverage inside all apartments as well as on most terraces and outside areas.

  • Do you serve breakfast or other meals?

    No. But there are 4 restaurants nearby, where you can get all kinds of meals.

  • Can we get groceries for our arrival?

    We have a little shop with basic groceries here at El Arpa.

    It is self-service and open 24 hours a day, so even if you arrive late you can supply yourself when you arrive – or the following morning.

  • What is there for making coffee?

    The apartment is equipped with a Spanish coffee cooker (“Cafetera”), similar to an Italian expresso cooker:

    You will need a good Spanish coffee in powder, e.g. the “Santa Cristina”.

    It makes the best coffee in the World.


    There is also a kettle if you prefer to make instant coffee, e.g. “Nescafe”.


    It is not possible to use electrical coffee makers in the apartment. This is because of the excessive electrical consumption of such devices.

  • Are facilities shared with other guests?

    Only the sun loungers in the common areas are shared.

    Each apartment has it´s own private kitchen, it´s own private bathroom and it´s own private terrace.

  • Is it completely private?

    You can see the other guests when they are sitting on their own terrace. There is, however, separation between the terraces.

  • Is there a hair dryer in the apartment?

    El Arpa is not connected to the electricity grid. Instead we have a self-sustaining solar power system, which supplies electricity at 230V around the clock. This means that we do not lead out any CO2 or pollution from electricity. This also means that we do not have unlimited power and need to economize with it.

    The limit for consumption devices is 300 W (Watts). This means that you can easily use your laptop, shaver and charge your mobile phone. Your hairdryer is probably much more than 300W and can there not be used here at El Arpa. Our guests do, however, soon discover that hair dryers are not at all necessary here; out here in the nature a natural drying is preferable.

    Since we are not connected to the grid at all it is the same everywhere on the premises – we cannot use hair dryers ourselves either. We hope for your understanding – that is the necessary sacrifice when staying out here in nature without a house in sight.

  • How is the weather in the area?

    We have prepared a page about the weather month by month. Please copy and paste this link to a browser to see it:


  • Are there linen, towels and kitchen towels in the apartment?

    Yes, we provide plenty of towels and kitchen towels for your stay.

    Linen is changed after one week´s stay.

    If you do not need all the towels you can just leave them folded/untouched in the apartment, so that we do not wash unnecessarily.

  • How are the mattresses?

    All our mattresses are medium-soft. We do not have any hard mattresses.

    That is the reason why our guests love our mattresses, but it is not recommendable for people that need or want a hard mattress.

  • Can we book with twin beds?

    No. All apartment have double bed.

    We do, however, have one apartment on the 1st floor with an extra sofa bed, so it is possible to sleep in seperate beds in that apartment. On request only.

  • Is it possible to bring my pet?

    Sorry. We do not allow pets under any circumstances.

  • Is it allowed to be nude?

    No. On the terraces and in common areas it is not allowed to be nude.

    It is, however, easy to find a secluded place by the lake where you can swim nude if you wish.

  • Is it possible to stay with children?

    Children under 12 years of age are not allow. Also not babies.

    Children from 12 years can stay with an adult in an apartment, but it is not allowed with two children in one apartment.

  • Is it easy to drive with a rental car?

    It is a very easy drive to get to El Arpa. The only area with traffic is around the airport.

    Small rental cars are the best for driving the small roads in the area.

    There is tarmac road all the way – no tracks or dirt roads.

  • Can I come by to see El Arpa before I book?

    No. We do not do viewings under any circumstances. This is out of respect for the 99% of our guests that do not have the possibility of passing by before booking – and for the privacy of the guests staying here at the time.