100% Pure Nature All Around

Finca el Arpa is located between lakes and mountains in the most stunning nature of Andalusia. Surrounded by olive groves, small whitewashed villages, mountains high and valleys low. For more than 100 years a hidden place for olive and sheep farmers, only connected by one simple railway. The only farmhouse left, when in the 1970s the dams were constructed and the 3 lakes established. Housing 3 families who lived from sheep and olive farming, it was one of the biggest farms in the area, with an enormous area of land. Today only 5 hectars belong to Finca el Arpa, grown with old curvy almond trees and a house build with thick stone walls with lots of charm and stories. Olives and sheep are still to be found, but now there are roads and the area is very well known for The King’s Little Pathway (Caminito del Rey) and as one of the most beautiful places inland Malaga. Caminito del Rey has been renovated to make it possible to walk in the gorge between the mountains, just like King Alfonso XIII did in the 1920s. Finca el Arpa is located just 4 km from the main entrance of the Caminito del Rey. And centrally in-between the big cultural cities of Cordoba, Granada, Seville, Malaga and Ronda.