Spain is in general not very suitable for travelling by bike – for that the roads are way too dangerous and there are hardly any bike trail by the roads. The great exception are the old rail way called ‘Vias Verdes’ – the green tracks – which are fantastic for bike trips – even for families with children.

On a number of old abandoned rail ways they have removed the tracks and prepared them for cykling, either with tarmac or with gravel. These are long, straight tracks without hills, passing through tunnels in the mountains and without any traffic, except when crossing a road. And they are located in amazing, beautiful nature with great experiences on the way, e.g. wild bulls in their fences.

In the central Andalusia there are e.g. the 36 km long track ‘Via Verde de la Sierra’ from Olvera to Puerto Serrano in the Cadiz province, nut near Ronda (in the Malaga province). This track passes by several bull breeding stations, so there are lots of bulls to see in the fences along the way.

There is also the 128 km long ‘Via Verde del Aceite’, which runs from Puente Genil in the Cordoba province and all the way to Jaen, passing through the beautiful natural reserve of Sierras Subbéticas.

There are several tour operators arranging both guided tours and simply bike rental, so that it is possible to make biking holidays – or just a one-day bike trip – without having to bring your own bike. See e.g.